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Ashes of Beauty

These masks we leave behind...

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Welcome to Ashes of Beauty!!

Made by eclipsethesun

This is a community where you will find a supply of fiction based on Orlando Bloom and the characters he plays that are more on the darker, angsty side. However, that doesn't rule out that het/romance is not allowed. Read below for a few guidlines, and thank you for joining!!


1.) Please label all stories with warnings, disclaimers and information. Here is an example:

Author's Notes:(optional)

This gives the reader a chance to know what exactly they are about to encounter once they click on the link. It is very important that you list all warnings, if any.

2.) Place the body of the story/chapter under LJ cuts. Here is a quick and easy tool to read in order for you to know what to do:LJ Cut

3.) NO FLAMES!! Please be courteous to the authors in the community. If you do not like a particular story, please address it with the author personally or not at all. We will not tolerate flame wars on this community.

4.) Please... if you read a story, review and let the author know what you think of it. Constructive criticism is welcome by most, but please be courteous and let us know that you do appreciate their work.

5.) All types of ratings and genres are welcome. But again, leave warnings where they are visible in order for the reader to see them before they click on the link.

6.) Stay on topic... this community is only for Orlando Bloom fanfiction and his characters. Do not come in here and post a story about Viggo as the main character.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the guidlines or the community as a whole, please contact eclipsethesun or orlibloomedme. We would be more than happy to answer your questions, suggestions, etc.

Thank you!! And enjoy! :)